"Change your stars and make your own destiny".

When I look back on my life I would like to think I did just that. I am so blessed, in many ways, and very lucky to have worn many hats thus far. The most rewarding of all, without a doubt, would be being the best mom I can be to my children. I started out my career being self-employed for a few years and then the corporate world bug bit me. I worked for a Fortune 500 company for eight challenging yet rewarding fulfilling years.

Until, the day I became a mom for the first time and made a decision to become a stay at home mom. I wouldn't change that decision for anything in the world and I have to say, "It's been the most rewarding job of all". Although, I really don't consider it a job but more of a privilege to be able to spend time with my children. I have always been creative and crafty and taken great pleasure in creating things for myself, others and most importantly my children. One of my life aspirations was to become an entrepreneur so about three years ago I put my love for creating and designing to work and started making diaper cakes to be sold locally.

The response was good and gave people something unique to give as a gift or bring to a baby shower. From there, I decided I wanted to take the plunge and open a boutique for babies and mommies. It took a little over a year of researching and implementing but the time spent was well worth it. When it came to creating a specialty boutique I made a conscious effort to find items you wouldn't normally come across in your average mortar store front or online retailer.

One of the many things I love doing is finding gifts for others or things for my children that not everyone else has. I wanted a baby and mom gift boutique where someone could find the not so ordinary gift yet practical gift. Not only do I want you to find the perfect gift for that special friend, family member, baby or maybe even yourself but I want you to smile and have a nice enjoyable experience while doing so. Keeping in mind the busy lifestyle most of us lead; I try to carry a wide variety of gifts for baby girls and boys for you to shop for. I will be constantly searching for and adding new products to enhance your shopping experience and providing a place to shop for unique adorable gifts for babies and mommies.

Take care,

Poshalicious Diaper Cakes Inc.
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