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Throwing a baby shower is one of the most exciting and thoughtful things you could do for a loved one. That being said, it’s a lot more involved than one would think and can be stressful for some because they want to have something unique and very special for the mom to be. Time is of the essence and a hot commodity. Thinking up shower games/activities and themes can be challenging for many reasons. Taking the stress out of a hosting a shower and giving you information at your figure tips is what we are all about.

Try planning games that you haven't seen before at a shower or you haven't seen done lately or just put your own twist on an oldie but goodie game. Here is a list of some awesome ideas that will keep the party going! There are 144 fun shower games and counting. Let us know if you have a great idea for a baby shower game and we will add it to our list of games.

1. My Baby Egg: Give each guest a raw or hard-boiled egg tied with a colored ribbon. Explain to each guest that she must take care of the egg as if it were a baby. She may set the egg down but she must have the egg at the very end of the party. Towards the end of the party ask each guest to return her egg in exchange for a party favor. See how many people still have their eggs or if they even remember where they set them down! Others may have named their eggs and would prefer to keep them rather than receive a prize. The eggs make great conversation starters as people decide on names for their eggs, ask others to “egg-sit” (remember, they can’t say baby!), and so on.
2. Picture or Sculpture Charades: Split guests into teams of three or four members each. Before the party, create a list of 50 or more baby terms and write them down on index cards. Each item equals one point, or you can assign varied point values for items, with the more unusual items receiving a higher value. Have each team select an artist to draw first for their team and decide which teams goes first. The artist selects a card, shows it to the other teams and either draws or sculpts the item. Their team must guess the word in less than one minute. If they are successful, they score the point value for that card and play continues to the next team. Use a sand timer or digital kitchen timer to time players. Some ideas for baby terms are pacifier, bottle, nursing, baby, high chair, father, crib, layette, drool, and bib. This game can also be played as traditional charades.
3. "I NEVER" College Fund: Ask your guest to bring a loose change to the shower for this fun game. Each guest will have a turn to say "I NEVER…" and name something they never did like skydive. Those guests that have done it will put a coin in the piggy bank.
4. Animal Name Game: Make a list of adult animal names and a list of what their babies are called. For example a dog's babies name is a puppy. Have your guests match the right animal name to its baby name.
5. Baby Bingo: Each guest gets a bingo card that has blank bingo boxes. The guest then fills in gift ideas they think the mommy will receive in each box. As gifts are opened they put an X on the box that has the gift written in it. The first person to get bingo wins or the person that gets the most correct.
6. Baby Bottle Drinking Game: Fill up bottles of your guests' choice of drink. Then say "GO" and have your guests drink the entire contents of the bottle. The person that drinks it all first wins.
7. Baby Food Category Game: Each guest will get a pen and paper and one minute per category to write down baby food items they think will fall under that category. The person with the most acceptable answers wins (decided by group). Categories you could use are: Baby foods that can be stored in freezer, Baby foods that start with the letter P. Baby foods that are green.
8. What’s in Her Purse: Read off a list of items for guests to try to find in their purses. You can assign point values for items; for example, an invitation to the shower would equal one point while a blue crayon would equal five points. Or you can simply award a prize to the person who comes up with the most items. Some ideas for items include a safety pin, a rubber band, nail clippers, a baby photo or photo of a child, a wet wipe, scissors, and candy. For a couples’ shower play “What’s in his wallet” too and include items such as a black and white photo, a poem or story, a coin, a fifty dollar bill, something from a child, a coupon, three business cards, and something dated older than 10 years.
9. Baby Mad Libs: Give each guest an index card and have them write a question related to the care of a baby. They cannot be yes or no questions. Then have them turn the card over so the question is facing down and hand the card to the person next to them. That person now has to write the answer to their original question (the question they wrote) on the new card. Then have the mommy-to-be read the questions and answers. It makes for some funny stuff.
10. Baby Shower Raffle: Give your guests a raffle ticket as they enter the shower. Throughout the shower you can draw tickets and award winners with a gift. You could also tell your guests through the invite that there will be a raffle during the shower for door prices and if they would like to enter they must bring a baby item such as a bottle of baby powder, baby shampoo, etc. Or you could charge each guest a dollar per ticket and the money can go to the mommy-to-be or a date night fund for the happy couple.
11. Baby Shower Word Game: See how many words you can make out of the words "BABY SHOWER." The person with the most words wins. You can put a time limit on this game.
12. Baby: Gather about a dozen baby items, such as newborn diapers, a bib, burp cloths, baby wipes, a pacifier, baby shampoo, a rattle, and cotton swabs. Write the price of each item on individual cards and seal each card in an envelope. Write the name of the items on the envelopes and set them by the products. Have guests pair up into teams of two and pass each team the list of items on a sheet of paper. The teams guess the price of each item and write it next to that item on their list. An announcer then opens the envelopes one by one and gives the card to the team with the closest guess. The person who collects the most cards wins. Give all of the baby products to the guest of honor. Although this game can be played individually without teaming up, adding the team element allows for more mingling and makes it a livelier group activity.
13. Baby Song Game: Play parts of songs that have "Baby" in the song. Have guests guess that name of the song. If you want to make it harder make them guess the right artist as well.
14. Celebrity Baby Name Game: Make a list of celebrity names and a list of their children's names. Have your guests match the right kids name to the parent. The person with the most correct wins.
15. Celebrity Headbands: Place a picture of a celebrity mama on the forehead (use headbands or disposable adhesive wrap bandages) or your guest or tape the photo to their backs. Do not allow that guest to see the photo. Then they will have yes or no questions to figure out who she is.
16. Dirty Diaper Hot Potato: Have your guests sit in a circle and pass around a dirty diaper filled with melted chocolate to music. When the music stops the one holding the diaper is out of the game. Keep playing until there is only one left and that's the winner!
17. Dirty Diaper: Melt different kinds of candy bars inside newborn diapers (or use folded napkins to save a few bucks). Pass around the dirty diapers and have your guests try to guess the right name of the candy bar.
18. Don't Say Baby: Give each guest a safety pin and tell him or her that they are not allowed to say the word "baby" until it’s time to open presents. If another guest hears any other guest say the word baby they can take their safety pin. Before you start to open presents, check to see which guest has accumulated the most safety pins and they win the game.
19. Dough Baby: Give all your guests a small clump of Play-Doh and let them mold it into a shape of the baby. The mommy-to-be will judge the babies and the best one is the winner.
20. Finish the Nursery Rhyme: Make a list of popular lines from nursery rhymes and leave out a few words. Have your guests fill in the missing words. The person with the most correct wins. For example, "Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was ___________."
21. Guess How Many: Fill a baby bottle with small items like M&M's or Cheerios. Ask your guests to guess how many they think are in the bottle. The person that comes the closest without going over wins!
22. Guess That Celebrity Baby: Show your guests pictures of celebrity babies (children or adult children) and give them a list of possible celebrity mamas. See who can guess what celebrity mama matches the picture of their offspring.
23. Guess Who? Baby Game: For this game you will need to ask your guests to bring in a baby photo of them to the baby shower. Number the photos and display them on a table or a poster board. Ask your guests to number a piece of paper and write the names of the people who they think are the babies in the photos. If you have some guests that don't really know each other it might be easier if you ask your guests to wear nametags so this game will be a bit easier.
24. Hidden Baby Items in A Bag: Place up to 10 common baby items in a diaper bag such as baby powder, pacifier, diaper, etc. Allow each guest to put their hand in the diaper bag and feel around for a minute or two. They need to write down many items they think they feel in the bag. The person with all the items correct wins.
25. Memory Game: Place 15-20 items on a tray and pass the tray around so that all the guests get a good look. Then take the tray away and see who can remember the most items on the tray.
26. Name the Children from Popular TV Shows: See how many guests can guess the right names of popular TV show kids. For example, name all of the kids on The Brady Bunch.
27. Pins in Rice: Hide about 30 safety pins in a bowl or bucket of uncooked rice. Let each guess dig into the bowl with their hand and see how many they can pull out in 1 minute. Be sure to blindfold the guest well so there is no cheating.
28. Time Capsule for Baby: Ask your guests to bring items for a time capsule for the baby. This could be a photo, letters to the child, newspaper clippings, etc. Place all the items in a keepsake box to be opened when the child is old enough to read the letters and appreciate the items in the box.
29. What's for Dinner: Remove the labels from about 10 jars of baby food. Pass the jars around and see if they can determine what type of baby food is in each jar.
30. Personalize Baby T-Shirts: This craft makes a nice surprise gift for the expectant parents. Lay out baby T-shirts or onesies (T-shirts with snaps at the crotch) in different sizes on a table with plenty of fabric paints for guests to use. Have people design a T-shirt for the new arrival in words, pictures, or both. Guests might be reluctant at first to jump in to this artistic endeavor so it’s a good idea to have a few painted samples already made. To keep the shirts from bleeding and to make the art surface steadier, slip the T-shirts over a piece of cardboard. To turn this craft into a game, simply have the mother-to-be decide which shirt she likes best and give a prize to the person who made it.
31. Gambling at a Baby Shower? Bring It On!: On a large piece of poster board, draw out the calendar for the month of the baby’s due date. Then print out instructions for the game: Ask guests to write their initials on the day they think the baby will be born, with extra credit for guessing the time. Mention the prize up for grabs, like a restaurant gift certificate or iTunes gift card. Send out an email after Baby is born to announce who won.
· 32. Who Brought Pooh?: Have each person bring a children’s book that fits her personality. The mom-to-be guesses who brought each book. If she is right, the person gets a prize. The best part of this game is that the new mom gets to keep all the books.
· 33. Now an Adjective: This is just like the Mad-Libs. Write a story about the mom and her pregnancy, the birth, how they found out about the pregnancy, etc. Then take out key words. During the shower ask guests to give you a noun, verb, or adjective to fill in the blanks. At the end of the shower, read the completed story.
· 34. Baby Fear Factor: My friend purchased an assortment of baby foods. She mixed the fruit and the veggies together. She then put the food on a little plate with baby spoons and whoever finished the food first won a prize.
· 35. Measure Up, Mama: Get a spool of yarn. Have a pair of scissors ready, and make guests cut off a piece. When you’re done, make each guest put their string around the mom’s belly. Whoever has the string that fits right around her stomach wins.
36. The Pacifier Pass: Have the guests separate into teams of 4 or 5 and stand in a line, facing the person in front of them. Each guest must put a straw in their mouth. The first person in line puts the pacifier on their straw. When the host says go everyone on the team passes the pacifier from straw to straw, no hands, and no contact. Whichever team is the fastest wins.
37. Place the Pacifier in the Baby's Mouth: Blindfold the guest and have them pin their pacifier as close to the baby's mouth on a baby picture as possible. Whoever is the closest wins.
38. Blindfolded Diapering: Have guests separate into teams. Each teams gets a doll, blindfold and diapers. Each guest must put the blindfold on, remove the current diaper and put a new one on the doll. After the first team member does this, they give the doll to the next, until the entire team is finished. The first team to finish wins.
39. Whose Water Breaks First: (Materials Medium size plastic babies, Clear disposable cups that will fit the plastic babies). Prior to the day of the baby shower, fill each of the cups with water enough to cover the plastic baby toys at least halfway (since they may float). Place the cups in the freezer until frozen stiff (you need to prep the night before). The day of the baby shower party, give a cup to all the women who attend the shower as they arrive. Whoever can melt the water the quickest or their water breaks gets the prize. The baby shower attendees can try to melt by blowing hot air on it or putting it in the sun (everything goes, let them get creative but no hot water, microwave, oven or stove).
40. Having a Baby: Separate guests into teams of four or five and give each person a balloon. When the host says go the first person from each team must blow up their balloon and stick it under their shirt. Once the first person has done this the second person does the same, then the third, etc. Once all team members have balloons under their shirts, the first person must pop their balloon, then the second, and third, etc. The team who blows up and pops their balloons the fastest wins the game.
41. Do You Know What It Is?: Put one baby item into the bags and number them 1-10, or 15. Randomly pass them out to the guests. The guests must try to figure out what is in each bag without opening them. Once everyone has guessed all bags, the mother-to-be will open each bag and reveal what is inside. Whoever guessed the most right is the winner.
42. How Many Baby Items Can You Name?: Each guest must write down any baby items (bottle, pacifier, blanket, etc.) they can think of in 5 minutes.
43. Applesauce Never Tasted So Good: Separate guests into teams of two. Have guests put trash bags over their clothes and blindfold everyone. One member of each blindfolded team must try and feed a jar of applesauce to their partner. Whoever finishes their applesauce the fastest is the winner.
44. Baby Shower Grab: Hang multiple baby clothes from one hanger using the clothes pins. Have the guest place one hand behind their back and try to remove as many pieces of clothing as possible without dropping the clothes, or the clothes pins. Whoever can get the most off wins the game.
45. Tinkle in The Pot: Split guests into teams of 4 or 5. Have teams line up behind the starting line and place jars/bowls across the room. Guests must place a quarter between their knees and waddle to the jar/bowl. Once there, they must drop the quarter into the jar/bowl, without using their hands. If they miss it, they must start over. Every guest goes twice. The team who finishes first wins.
46. Name Tag Donation Game: Prior to the shower fill out the name tags with baby-related words. Have each guest put on a name tag when they arrive. During the shower people can only be called by their name tag name. If a guest calls someone by their first name, they must put money into a piggy bank for the baby.
47. Watch What You Say: Write down everything the mother-to-be says when opening her presents. Once she is done, tell everyone this is what she said the night the baby was conceived and have her read it aloud to all the guests.
48. The Great Crave Game: Have the mother-to-be describe what she has been craving without actually saying the food. The guests must write down what they think it is. Whoever has the most right answers wins.
49. Draw a Baby: Give each guest a paper plate and a pencil. Have everyone put the plate on their head and give them one minute to draw a picture of a baby “no peeking”. Best drawing, as judged by the guest of honor, wins.
50. Newsworthy Nursing Bra: Give guests newspaper, scissors and tape and tell them to design a nursing bra – extra points for functionality. Best design, as modeled by mom-to-be, wins a prize.
51. Baby Pool: A twist on the sports pool, this one has guest putting money on the delivery date and/or gender, if it’s known. The pot gets paid out once the baby arrives.
52. Baby Bucket List: Give the mom-to-be lots of ways to make her baby’s first year special. Decorate a bucket (or paint can with contact paper can be cute) and then have everyone drop in cards with their best idea.
53. Baby Face: Will baby get Daddy’s brown eyes or Mommy’s curly hair? Create the perfect mash-up to predict what baby X will look like. Hand out large color copies of a photo of both the mom and dad (full length or just their faces) and an outline of a baby’s face. Give guests scissors, glue sticks and construction paper to cut out traits from each photo -- the dad’s nose, mom’s chin -- to piece together a single image on the baby face outline. Display the masterpieces and vote on the favorite Picasso-inspired work.
54. Mother (and Father) Know Best Share Wisdom: When it comes to raising a child, it really does take a village. Invite people to share valuable advice, a favorite saying or sage words that have guided them as parents. (Guests who aren’t parents can write what they loved and admired most about their parents’ parenting.) Have everyone jot down the parental wisdom in a decorative book or on index cards that will later be compiled into a keepsake book with pictures from the shower.
55. Diaper Change: Let the new parents know you care -- say it with diapers! Pass out newborn diapers and colored Sharpie markers. Then, ask everyone to write funny and sweet messages of encouragement on the front of the nappies. A little comic relief may help ease the frazzled mom and dad through those early sleepless nights.
56. Love Notes: For most parents, the weeks following the birth are an uphill climb. Drop them a line to offer support. Hand each guest a card with a number representing the week after the baby is born. Guests can write a little wish, encouraging poem or thought for the new family related to that week. The host collects all the cards and mails them during the corresponding weeks after baby has arrived
57. Family Ties: Who was the Brady’s' pesky cousin? Can you name all of the Huxtable kids? What superpowers did the Incredibles have? Make fun pop trivia questions about famous television or movie families to be answered individually or as a group. Who knows? People might know more about these fictional families than their own
· 58. Balloon Pop: At my cousin’s shower they put random baby names in balloons and the right baby name in one balloon. Each guest picked a balloon and then everyone popped their balloon. The person with the right name won a prize.
59. Letter Scramble: I went to a baby shower where the mom did not have a name for her baby yet. For fun, we were asked to take the mom’s first name and the dad’s first name plus their last name and come up with as many baby names as we could create with those letters.
60. Who Wrote <i>That</i>?: Have everyone write down a bizarre (or serious) baby name. Have the mom-to-be try to match up the made-up baby name with the person who wrote it.
· 61. Spell It: If the parents have already picked out the baby’s name, you can play a spelling game. Take the baby’s full name and try to make as many words as possible with the letters from the…
· 62. By the Letter: We played a game where we used the letter she desired the baby’s name to begin with to come up with as many names as we could in one minute. Duplicate names got scratched off as each player read their list and the person with the largest number of remaining names won a prize. The bonus was that our expectant mom had the chance to hear potential names for her precious little one!
63. Letter Grab Bag: Depending on the amount of people attending the shower, put them in teams of four five or six then put some letters in a bag every one pick a letter out then work as a team a make up a name.
· 64. Sarah + Bob + Smith = Ima: A fun game that we played at my baby shower was done on a chalkboard. The host wrote out my name, my husband’s name, and our last name, and everyone had to make up as many baby names as they could from our first and last names.
· 65. What Was I Wearing: Fill a small basket with baby items like clothes, rattles, toys booties or bibs! Have the guest of honor, the mother-to-be walk around the room giving each guest a peek inside the basket telling them to pay close attention. After everyone has taken a look at the contents of the basket have your friend leave the room. After she is out of sight, one of the hostesses will proceed to ask questions, not about the baby stuff in the basket but about the mother-to-be! Examples of questions to ask are: What color was the maternity dress she was wearing. What would you guess the measurement of her pregnant tummy to be? What did her baby shower corsage look like? What is the length of her hair and how was her hair styled?
· 66. Musical Bottle Race: You would start the musical bottle race baby shower game with 3 (or more) baby bottles filled with your beverage of choice. Hand the filled bottles out randomly to guests around the venue. Instruct your guests that when the music starts to play that they are to start passing the bottles like they are hot potatoes until the music stops at which time the guests that are left holding the bottles have to drink the contents and that the person who empties their bottle first is the winner.
· 67. Baby Shower Trivia Game: Look up some great baby shower trivia prior to the party. Questions like: "How many babies are born a year", "What is the most common color used in a baby's room?", "How many diapers does a baby use in one year?", "What is the average weight of a baby?". Look up some great facts and have a ball playing this great baby shower game with your friends and family!
68. Baby Scrambler: Choose around 25 baby related items and scramble the spelling. For instance, pacifier can be changed to reiifpca. Have the women unscramble the words. The one who gets the most right in 5 min receives a baby shower prize.
69 . Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: (Materials- Large paper or erasable board to make the tic-tac-toe board, writing utensil, and baby facts). People are broken up in teams and have to answer a question about a baby fact. If they get the answer right, they get to choose a space (like the classic tic-tac-toe game).
70. Baby Song List: Have each person write down in 5 minutes all the songs that have baby in their titles (i.e., baby love, santa baby, one for my baby). You can make it harder by stating that you have to name who also wrote the songs! A baby shower favorite!
71. Baby Alphabet Game: Give each person at the baby shower a pen and a piece of paper that has the alphabet written vertically down the left side of the page. The object of the game is for everyone to write one word that has to do with babies next to each letter of the alphabet. Set a timer for two minutes and whoever has the most baby words wins. (For example: A=alphabet, B=bottle, C=cuddly bear, etc).
72. Baby Pictionary: Before the baby shower, create playing cards by writing words or phrases that have to do with babies on each card. During the baby shower, divide into teams and give each team a pen or pencil and pad of paper. Each round, one person from each team views a card and draws the word or phrase for her team to guess. The team that guesses correctly first earns one point. Set a timer for two minutes to keep the game moving along. If the timer goes off before a team guesses correctly, allow someone new from each team to draw and choose a new card. After playing 5-10 rounds, each team adds up their points and the team with the most wins. A prize should be given to each person on the team.
73. Name the Family: Separate into teams and come up with as many animal "family" names as possible that are different (i.e., fish - school: wolves - pack: geese - gaggle: lions - pride: elephants - herd: etc). Make it a little easier on each team by creating the name of the animal on each group’s sheet and have them guess the right word for that animal family.
74. Guess the Baby Animal Name: Have each baby shower member write down every animal that has a specific and different name for its young. For example, Lion-cub, Cat-Kitten, Dog-Puppy, etc. Give everyone ten minutes to write down as many as they can think of. Read the winners out loud to see how many people got the same answers.
75. Name The Animal Baby: Separate into teams and have each team write down as many proper names of animal babies as possible (i.e., duck - duckling, fish - fry, lion - cub, cat - kitten, dog - puppy, and so on). Make it a little easier and give them the name of the animals and have them guess the babies. The internet is a great place to find the names of animal babies.
76. Mother, Mother, Who Am I: This is a real fun and quizzical game where you give clues about "Famous Mothers". For instance, 1. Mother Nature – Mother of weather, 2. Mother Mary – Mother of Jesus, 3. Mother of Pearl - A hard, iridescent substance that forms the inner layer of certain mollusk shells, 4. Mother Lode - A major or profitable source or supply, 5. Mother Earth – Mother of the land or soil, 6. Mother May I – A children’s game, 7. Mother in Law – Not an outlaw, 8. Mother Teresa – Mother of helping others, 9. Mother Goose – Mother of nursery rhymes, 10. Mother Hubbard – She went to the cupboard to get her poor dog a bone, 11. Queen Mother – England’s reigning monarch, 12. Mother Superior - The head of a Christian religious community for women etc..
77. Baby's First Food: (Salad Bowl, Cotton Balls, Big Salad Spoon). Set up a salad bowl in the middle of a table, and empty out two bags of cotton balls - spreading them out around the bowl. Blindfold the first baby shower guest and ask her to sit near bowl with a big spoon and see how many cotton balls she can spoon into the bowl in 3 minutes. It's hilarious since you can't feel the weight of the cotton balls; you don't know what you're doing. Whoever gets the most in the bowl wins!
78. Pregnant for a Day Co-Ed Game: (Materials: Bag of medium balloons, a roll of yarn cut into approx. 20 inch pieces, and a chair for each male participant). Don't tell the object of the game up-front. Make a statement to the women in attendance-- "How many of us women wished that men could be pregnant just for one day?" This statement will leave the men full of suspicion as to what was about to unfold. Hand each man a balloon. For each man that doesn't have on shoes with shoe laces, tie the piece of yarn around each of his slip on shoes to mimic a shoestring. Do not form the bow. Only make a knot to help keep the yarn around the shoe. For those who do have on string up shoes, instruct them to untie their shoes. Instruct each man to blow up his balloon and tell each man when to stop filling it with air. The balloons should be filled with enough air that it could fit under each participant's shirt, yet be a bit uncomfortable for them to sit down and tie their shoes without popping the balloon. Keep in mind that men who already have a "pot-belly" might need to blow up a smaller balloon. Give the object of the game and the rules. Start the game and whoever ties their shoes without popping the balloon, or lifting their feet from the floor wins.
79. Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: Give the baby shower guests a time limit of 10 minutes and have them write down as many baby-talk words as they can think of followed by the correct name for the words. Examples: potty is going to the toilet, poo-poo is a bowl movement, wee-wee is urinating (or it may be a boy's penis), baa-baa is a bottle, bye-bye is good bye, wa-wa is a drink of water. You may need to give them one example to get them started. At one shower, a guest had 20 different terms just for "pacifier". Everyone has funny and different baby words so there are no wrong answers. The real fun is reading them out loud and hearing some of the silly terms we adults have come up with to communicate with our babies or the creative words our children have used to communicate with us.
80. Doll Creations: (Materials: Scrapbooking materials, scissors, glue) - Scrapbooking materials, scissors, glue and a paper doll are given to each table (can include yarn, buttons, etc). Each table has to dress up the paper doll with the materials provided. Mother-to-be chooses the prettiest doll as the winner.
81. Guess the Birth Time: (1" plastic baby figure, ice cube tray, string, water) - The night before take a small 1" or so plastic baby and place in an ice tray and with water. Fill just enough to cover the baby and then place a string or piece of yarn into the water. Freeze overnight. When the guests arrive hang the baby up over the kitchen sink or a bowl (something to catch the water). Then each guest should pick a time that they think the "baby' will be born. When the baby falls out whoever is closest to the time wins. Practice a few days before to see how long the ice would take to melt. If it takes longer then the time allowed for the shower you may want to hang it up before the shower starts.
82. Guess the Bibs Lottery: When the guests arrive, ask them "guess how many bibs will the mother-to-be get in her gifts." Write the guests name on a piece of paper with the number. Have someone count the total number of bibs after all gifts are opened. The person with the closest guess wins a prize.
83. Baby Shower "Guess What's In The Bag" Game: You will need 10 paper bags of different sizes to fit different size items. For fun, use colored ones. On the front of the first bag put a letter "B", the second "A", third "B", fourth "Y", and so on spelling out "B A B Y S H O W E R". Inside each bag is an item for the baby beginning with the letter on the outside of the bag. Guests cannot pick up the bags. Display them on a table so they can see how big the bags are. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins. Here is an example of what you might put in the bags: B - Bottle, brush, booties, burp cloth A - Aspirator, apple sauce B – Bib Y - Yellow Rubber Ducky (you may have to give a clue for this one) S - Spoon, soap, shampoo H - Hat, hanger (baby size), headband O - Onesie, oil, oragel W - Wipes, wash cloth E - Ear syringe, ear ache medicine R - Rattle, receiving blanket, rash medicine
84. Baby Sock Game: Take the 14 pairs of new baby socks, that can be given to the mommy to be after the game, of different styles and colors and mix them up. Next, start and timer and tossed them in the middle of the floor, each guest has 1 minute to try and "match" as many socks as they can.
84. Diaper Bag Game: Take a diaper bag and fill it with everything that the mother to be will need to take with her every time she goes out with baby. Give each guest a paper and pen and have them write down as many things they think are in the diaper bag in a certain amount of time. Time limit should depend on how many items there are to guess. When times up start taking the items out of the diaper bag and see who guessed the most. At the end the Mother to-be gets to keep the diaper bag and all the items. Add a disposable camera to the diaper bag for those once in a lifetime shots (most guests miss that one).
85. Baby Shower Memory Game (Materials: Poster Board, paper, candy bars, pen, tape) - Take a large piece of poster board with 20 small (3x5) pieces of paper lined up in number order (1, 2, 3...) with five across and four down. Under each paper has a word to match under another paper. Example: 1 is "Baby Girl" and 20 is "Baby Girl". The players chooses two numbers, trying to match the words. Each match is given a prize. "Baby Girl" receives a Baby Ruth candy bar. "Laundry" receives a Mounds candy bar, "Daddy" receives Sugar Daddy candy, "Breastfeeding" receives Milky Way, "Contractions" receives Good and Plenty, "Epidural" receives Lifesavers, "Bottle" receives Baby Bottle Pop candy, "Crying Baby" receives Screaming Sours candy, "10 pound baby" receives Whoppers. (Find candy at the candy store, and make up your own words!)
86. Baby Sock Match Game: Have two people at a time race to see who can match the most baby socks. Take 10 pairs of baby socks for each baby shower participant and give them 30 sec to match as many as they can. Make sure to separate the baby's socks before playing.
87. Baby Hold'em: (Materials: deck of cards, baby shower gifts and baby shower poker lovers) - Just like playing Texas Hold 'Em. Instead of using money the "buy in" is with a baby gift. This lets the men (or women) play a little poker and those who do not or do not know how to play can learn and not lose any money. The winner of the Hold 'Em tournament wins a gift instead of cash. You'll be surprised at how "big" the bets and raises are in this hold em game which benefits the parents-to-be.
88. Clothes Pin Game: All the women are given a clothes pin (they also sell pink/blue ones at party stores) and the baby shower guests are not allowed to cross their legs. Any baby shower guest who is caught crossing their legs gets their clothes pin taken away from the person that caught them. The guest with the most clothes pins wins a prize.
89. Dress The Baby: (Materials: Baby life-size dolls, onesies, diapers, socks, shoes, shirt and pants for each baby doll and stopwatch) - Have each team race to see who can dress the baby doll the first. Each person (or team) must have everything correctly on the baby doll when saying finished. Points docked for missing articles or articles not placed on right. A really fun game and a great way to collect some clothes for the mother to be at her baby shower when the game is finished.
90. Cotton Ball Scoop: (Materials: Cotton Balls, 2 Large Bowls, Large Spoon) - Fill a large bowl with cotton balls (doesn't matter how much) place this bowl in a baby shower guest's lap. Grab another large bowl and place it on a baby shower guest's head and ask them to place one hand on the bowl that is on top of their head (the host can help hold the bowl). Blindfold the guest and hand them a large spoon (soup spoon, mixing spoon) and make sure this spoon is deep enough to pick up cotton balls. Each guest has 5 chances to spoon out the cotton balls and place them in the bowl that is on top of their head. The guest with the most ball wins! Remember they cannot use hands only the spoon. This is so funny because everyone thinks they have cotton balls in the spoon and they are being very careful but when they look at their bowl they have nothing!
91. Baby Shower Food Race: Get all baby shower guests into pairs of 2. Each pair gets a baby food jar, baby bottle with apple juice (or some other type of drinkable liquid) and a blindfold. The one person in the pair that has the jar of baby food will get blindfolded and will have to feed their partner while both sitting across from each other in chairs. When they are done with the whole jar of baby food, the person blindfolded has to drink what is in the bottle to win. The first team to do this the quickest while racing wins! You can also have fun by replacing the baby food with Jell-O or pudding to make it taste better but place it in the jars for authentic purposes.
92. Baby Scrapbook: A real neat baby shower activity is to make a baby scrapbook for the parent's to be. Give everyone a page to create borders, pictures, and little sayings so you can place them all in the book for the mother to be to use when taking pictures of the birth and on. It is a great way to have everyone participate in the memories. It is even fun to take a picture at the party of every baby shower participant and place it on the back of the page so you know who did the page for you and who attended the baby shower.
93. Baby Shower Right and Baby Shower Left: (Materials: a baby shower prize and the following story to be read) Form a circle with all baby shower participants. Each time you hear the word "right", pass the baby shower wrapped prize to the person on your right. When you hear the word "left", pass the baby shower prize to the person on your left. When you finish this story the person holding the item is the winner of it. Have either the mommy-to-be start the game or choose who holds the prize first. Here is the story to read when playing:
This is a story about Mrs. Wright's baby shower tea party. She lived right at the end of Lefty Lane, the third house on the left. Today, Mrs. Wright's was hosting a baby shower tea party. The women would enter left, right through the front door and greet Mrs. Wright, they would head right down the stairs, turning left then right into Mrs. Wright's family room where the mommy-to-be was.

Two of the girls were left-handed so they would sit at the left of the table. Mrs. Wright held up her right hand and all of her friends grew quiet, except the left-handed girl on the right patting Mrs. Wright's dog named Hefty Lefty.

Mrs. Wright asked Sarah Wright and Julie Wright to pass out the teacups starting to the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright started out left but turned back because they left the cups just to the right of the table, right next to the spoons. Mrs. Wright said, "That's all right."

Mrs. Wright began to serve her friends some pie when Grandma Wright smelled the delicious desserts and left her bedroom to join the Wright girls. She went down the stairs and turned left than right, right into Mrs. Wright's family room.

Grandma Wright knocked and entered left and sat in the rocking chair on the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright invited Grandma Wright to join them at the table.

Grandma Wright had been to many baby showers as a young girl and right before they realized it, Grandma Wright was telling them a stories from when she was the mommy-to-be and went to the right cabinet and in the left drawer were pictures of her baby shower.

As the party ended right on time, they all put their dishes right in the left side of the sink and thanked Mrs. Wright and Grandma Wright for such a wonderful time. Soon, all of the women from the Wright baby shower tea party turned right than left, then left again to return to the front door and out to the right car that they arrived in. Down lefty lane they went. Now who ended up with the right gift?
94. Baby Shower Give-Away: Purchase a nice basket or tub and decorate it with baby type art. Purchase blank white envelopes that have a baby shower theme on them or just plain envelopes. Place the basket or tub on the table at the baby shower and have each baby shower guest fill out the front of the envelope with their address. In each of the envelopes, give them a little paper to write a message or advice for the mother to be. Have each guest leave the envelopes unglued. At the end of the baby shower, have the mommy-to-be select one envelope from the pile and give out a baby shower gift! The envelopes can later be used by the mommy-to-be for writing thank you notes and saving her time. The tub or basket can be used as well to store baby shower gifts, supplies, bathroom stuff at a later time!
95. Pass the Parcel (Gift): (Materials: baby shower gift (one for mother to be), newspaper, gags, several instruction stickers which are blank stickers that you will create, a baby doll with diapers and sippy cup, blindfold, rubber glove, oversized tongs, bib) - Wrap a gift with around 10 or more layers of wrapping paper and add an instructional sticker to each layer (see below for some ideas). Some of the stickers should say, "GAG" which means the baby shower participant has to do whatever the gag states (see ideas below). Pass the parcel/gift without music but according to instruction stickers stuck on the outside of the gift. So the package may say: pass the gift to someone wearing pink. That person wearing pink then takes off a layer of packaging. They may receive a prize, a gag, or just the instruction of who to pass to next. Keep going until the final wrapper which has a sticker stuck on it saying "pass this to the mother to be" and have a gift for mother or baby.
Some of the ideas for the gags may read: (or think up some creative ones yourself):
  • "Oh no! Baby has just pooped. Change his diaper blindfolded within 30 sec and win a prize" Then have the guest complete the activity.
  • "Oh no, baby's hungry. Have the guest drink a cup juice/milk through a sippy cup within the time limit.
  • "Oh no, baby's bored. Sing them your favorite nursery rhyme"
  • "Oh no, poopy diapers in need of soaking! Lift tissues (the dirty diapers) from one bowl to the other using rubber gloves and oversized tongs while blindfolded. If they all land in the new bowl then win a prize.
  • "Messy baby! Wear this bib until this game is over"
  • "Mommy has just informed daddy that her water broke. Daddy's first words are________?" (this can be quite funny if daddy is known to say silly things)
Passing instructions, Be as creative as you want with this. Some ideas are, pass the gift to:
some one wearing a blue shirt/ glasses/ socks/ earrings ect.
someone who has most recently had a baby
someone who has the most children
someone who has the most daughters (or sons)
three passes to you left
three passes to you right
pass to the person directly across from you
someone who either has all girls or all boys
someone who is an aunty
someone who is a grandmother
someone with blonde hair
someone wearing pink
someone who is not related
96. Mommy Multi-Tasking: (Materials: two 5-6 foot pieces of rope, clothes pins, baby clothes or baby doll clothes, 2 laundry baskets, 2 baby dolls, and 2 telephones (you can use a toy phone, a cell phone, or whatever is available). To play this game, you have two people hold the ends of the rope. The players must hold a baby doll on their hip, talk on the phone (they must actually engage in a "conversation" on the phone) and the must put clothes (that are piled in the laundry basket on the floor) on the rope using their clothes pins. You put a one or two minute timer and the player to get the most items hung on the rope without dropping the baby or stopping talking on the phone wins! The baby shower guests get a huge laugh watching everyone struggle with this awesome baby shower game!
97. The Baby Shower Waddle Game: (Materials: Balloons, 2-4doz Eggs, 3 Soup Spoons, 3 Large Bowls, 3 6-12ct Egg Crates, 3 Chairs) Take your guests outside (this may get messy) and have them form 3 teams. Each guest much blow up a balloon large enough to fit under his/her shirt to resemble an expectant mother. Have the teams for 3 lines. Place a 6-12 ct (dependent on # of guests) egg crate on a chair by the 1st "Waddler" in each line. About 3-5 yards away from the "Waddlers", have someone from each team hold a large bowl filled with 8-14 (dependent on # of guests) eggs. Give a spoon to the 1st Waddler in line. When the Mother-To-Be cries "Waddle Waddle", the 1st players begin waddling (one hand on back or underbelly and the spoon in the other) to the person opposite them holding the bowl of eggs. The "Waddlers" scoop an egg out of the bowl with spoon (they can only use one hand!) and waddle back to place the egg in the crate on the chair and give the spoon to the next "Waddler". If someone drops their egg they must go back and get another one. The first team to fill their crate wins.
98. All About Friends: Ask each baby shower guest to privately write something about themselves that no-one really knows. As our baby shower guest Mary states, "It really added a lot of fun to the game as I showed the picture and read from the back. Then the other guests had to guess who the mystery person was. It was hilarious to find out who roller-skated competitively, who took cello lessons and who forgot her to wear her skirt to school one day and just went in her slip! One of my 80+ year old guests was a cheerleader and star of her high school play.
99. Egg Nesting: (Materials: Color Easter Eggs or Little Pumpkins, or X-mas Stockings, ect...) - This is a great game around any holiday as you can use the symbol of the holiday for an item for each baby shower guest. Eggs work great because they also represent fertility. Take and fill each egg with one square of toilet tissue per egg. As baby shower guests arrive, each guest including the mommy-to-be takes an egg. Throughout the party, guests are not to leave their eggs unattended, except to go to the restroom, eat, or participate in a game that requires hands on. If they must set down their egg they need to ask another guest to egg sit for them. Throughout the party, eggs (as many as a guest has in their possession) can be taken away if another guest sees an egg unattended or being neglected or if they are dropped. the person at the end of the party with the most eggs wins a prize.
100. Watch What You Say: While the mommy-to-be is opening her gifts, have the host or one of the guests write down everything she says while she is opening each baby shower gift. When she has finished opening all the gifts, tell the guests that you would like to read something to them. Say this is what the mommy-to-be said to her man the night she conceived the baby. Then read each little saying from the list. You will have everyone rolling in tears. Here are some funny sayings: "Oh my gosh, I've never seen one like this before!" "Oh that feels so soft." "Awe it’s so little."
101. Name Tag Donation Game: Before the baby shower, make name tags for the guests. The names have to be baby-related like pacifier, circumcision, dirty diaper, burp rag, etc. Put all the name tags in a bag and as the guests arrive, each will draw a name out of the bag and pin it on their shirts. This will be their name for the rest of the baby shower. If anyone calls the guests by their REAL name, then they have to put a quarter or just loose change in the baby's piggy bank. By the end of the party, the baby has a great amount of money for their first piggy bank.
102. Guess The Baby Shower Bill: Have someone purchase baby shower useful products (i.e., lotion, baby wash, Q-tips, diaper cream, wipes, etc.) and place them in a basket or decorative container. Baby Shower guests will then guess the total amount of the bill. The person who is closest without going over will win a baby shower favor but the mommy-to-be would get to take home the goodies. Works best if you have one receipt for all the items.
103. Diaper Raffle: Place a card in the baby shower invitations that says "Have the chance to win an extravagant gift basket! Bring a bag of diapers to enter your name in the raffle. You may enter as many times as you like.” Make a large gift basket and fill it full of fun stuff any one would love. A great, simple and easy way to get the mother-to-be tons of diapers which she and her significant other will appreciate.
104. Good Advice: All the guests get given a strip of A4 paper - the paper must be fairly narrow and long. Fold the paper into quarters and then get the baby shower guests to write a problem they may have had in the first few weeks of having their baby (e.g. baby doesn't sleep well, baby cries too much, baby doesn't burp after a feed then cries etc. on the first quarter). Fold the paper in half and pass it three people along. The baby shower guests then write the solution to the problem and fold the paper so it is like a small parcel. The papers are gathered up and the mother-to-be reads out the problems and the solutions. This can be hilarious.
105. Mommy Song List: Have each guest write down in 10 minutes all the songs that have mommy, mama or mother in their titles (i.e., I saw mommy kissing santa claus, songs my mother sang, mama mia). You can make it harder by stating that you have to name who also wrote the songs. A baby shower favorite! If this seems too hard, open it up to songs that have these words in their lyrics.
106. Name The Characters: Prior to the baby shower, have a baby shower guest go to different popular child sites (Disney.com, Noggin.com, SesameStreet.com, NickJr.com) and print pictures of popular children personalities/characters. At the baby shower, see how many the mommy-to-be gets right when you hold them up as she will need to be briefed on the characters that her new child will enjoy! Bonus points for knowing all of the names of The Wiggles, Hannah Montana's real name as well as the Wonder Pets). A great baby shower game to test contemporary characters that will be loved by the mommy-to-be's child!
107. Guess How Many: As the baby shower guests arrive, ask them to pick a number between 0 and 20 (or however many guests are expected). Don't tell them why, and put the number on their name tag or perhaps a poster/name list. (You can restrict numbers from being picked more than once, or you can allow it and just be prepared for a possible tie-breaker). Right before the mommy-to-be starts to open gifts, you announce that the number is the guest's guess at how many onesies (or bibs, or spoons, or whatever) will be received in the gifts! The entire winner of the number receives a baby shower gift! Thanks to Cathy from Chicago for this great baby shower game idea :)
108. TV Show Kids: Have the baby shower guests name all the kids in the following TV show (tv names) or music groups: (Extra points for naming dogs or special guests). Some examples:
Cosby Kids
Hannah Montana
Jackson 5
The Jonas Brothers
Partridge Family
Family Ties
Brady Bunch
Little House on the Prairie
The Osmond Family
Eight Is Enough
109. Baby Shower Count: Prior to the baby shower, have the baby shower planner choose a baby shower decoration theme (i.e., duckies, teddy bears, etc) and count them up. Tableware (i.e., Plates, napkins, cups) with the pattern would count as one each. At some point during the baby shower, have each guest guess how many of those objects are in the room and write down their answers. (i.e., decorations, plates, napkins). This can be adapted to any theme. Give a baby shower gift to the winner.
110. Baby Shower Match: (Materials: Candy, Index Cards, Pens for scoring, an amateur artist to draw pictures or concepts, Paper) - A really fun baby shower game is the Match Game. Make up two boards with squares. On one board number the squares, on the other one use letters. Each board would have a matching idea under the square (a similar game to picture match or memory game). Under the numbers and letters are things pertaining to baby and birth that you can come up with (Birth, Labor Pains, Breast Feeding, Precious Baby, Preemie). For instance, under #5 and under letter A are the words "Labor pains". Each person calls out one letter and one number. The person who calls A 5 would make a match if both A and 5 have a matching idea/picture! The best part is the prizes. The match for "Labor pains" is a packet of Whoppers. The prize for "Breast feeding" would be Milk Duds or Milky Way, "Preemie" would be Runts. It takes a few for the guest to recognize the connection but they always get a big kick out of it.
111. Name the Duckies: For any baby ducky-themed baby shower or any baby shower for that matter, give everyone 3 minutes to think of as many types of ducks as possible. Examples include any of the duck species (Mallard, Wood Duck, Comb Duck, etc.), plus all of special, more fun ducks like:
The Aflac duck
Rubber Ducky
The Ugly Duckling
Donald Duck
Daisy Duck
Huey, Dewey and Louie and their lost brother Phooey Duck
Scrooge McDuck
Daffy Duck
Duck Dodgers
Howard the Duck
The Mighty Ducks
NHL Anaheim Ducks
Ming-Ming Duckling from the Wonderpets
Quacker from Tom and Jerry
Count Duckula the Vampire Duck
Ferdinand from the movie Babe
Disco Duck aka Rick Dees
and Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles
112. Take Care of Baby Egg: (Materials: Hollowed Out Eggs or Easter Eggs, baby shower present, paper stuffed in one egg stating winner) - Everyone gets an egg (the fillable plastic Easter ones) to take care of. If you leave your egg unattended, some other observant momma can adopt it, and likewise, if you see an unattended egg, you should do the right thing and adopt it. Whoever has the most eggs at a set time gets a prize. Rules: You are permitted to get a babysitter for your egg(s) when you go to the rest room or whatever, but make sure it is someone you trust not to neglect your egg(s). You are not allowed put your egg in a pocket or purse or otherwise hide it. Also, as an added surprise, unbeknownst to the guests, one egg had a little paper baby inside, and whoever had that won a prize.
113. Baby Shower Edible Match: (Materials: index cards 44, Licorice Vine, Baby Ruth bar, Junior Mints, Milky Way, Snickers, Lifesavers, Double Mint Gum, 3 Musketeers, Sugar Daddy, Butterfingers, Score, Mounds, Almond Joy, Payday, 100 Grand, Swedish Fish, Whoppers, Dr. Pepper, Milk Duds, Goobers, Kisses, Hugs). Number index cards 1-44, and write these 22 different edible things on them, and then the 22 things they represent. You buy the edible items and put them in a basket. When someone gets a match, they win the edible item. It's a lot of fun. Here are the items and what they represent.
1. Super rope = umbilical cord
2. Baby Ruth = girl
3. Junior mints = boy
4. Milky way = breast milk
5. Snickers = baby's laugh
6. Lifesavers = epidural
7. Double mint gum = twins
8. 3 musketeers = triplets
9. Sugar daddy = father
10. Butterfingers = Doctor's fingers
11. Score = night of conception
12. Mounds = breasts
13. Almond joy = you realize it's over/ first sight of baby
14. Payday = day of delivery
15. 100 grand = hospital bill
16. Swedish fish = sperm
17. Whoppers = contractions
18. Dr. Pepper = Doctor
19. Milk duds = non-lactating breasts
20. Goobers = baby spit up
21. Kisses = baby's kiss
22. Hugs = congratulations
23. Chunky = poopy diaper
24. Fireballs = heartburn
25. Sugar babies = newborn baby
26. Tootsie Rolls = Tiny toes
114. Balloon Baby: Get the long skinny balloons that clowns use to make animals. Blow them up and hand them out to everyone. Guests have to try and 'make a baby'. Mom-to-be gets to pick her favorite.
115. "Baby Project Runway": (Materials: baby clothing, doll clothing, stuffed animals, pens and materials) - Go to an art/hobby store or the fabric store and get a bag of scraps (or if you sew, you might have some already). Place some supplies (pens, materials, needles + thread, safety pins, scissors, etc) by a pile of stuffed animals and have everyone try and dress the stuffed animal by making a little outfits.
116. Sonogram Game: (Materials - Sonogram pictures, pens, paper). Have the mommy to be take at least 15 sonogram pictures of various parts of the baby and glue them to the appropriate color card blue/pink depending on the sex of the baby. Have a pointer on each picture pointing to what was a part of the baby's body. (example: ear, head, cord, private parts, spine, neck, hand, foot, leg, arm, etc.) At the baby shower, hand out the answers to everyone on a piece of paper with blank lines beside each answer. Each of the cards with the sono pictures should be numbered. Have the baby shower guests guess which parts were which and number the answer sheet accordingly. The person with the most answers wins a baby shower gift.
117. Guess the Baby Gadget: Purchase some baby shower gifts that you don't mind opening (i.e., stroller, toys, breast pump, etc) and take out only a specific part of the product to see how many people can get them right. Choose around 10-20 and hold them up during the baby shower and have everyone write down what they think the product is from. This is really fun to play if having a co-ed party as the men usually have no clue in what the item is which makes it a lot of fun! Give a baby shower gift to the person getting the most right. Make sure you know which items go back in which boxes so you have functional products. This is a great baby shower game and a great way to purchase gifts you can give the parents to be after the shower is over
118. Do I Smell a Smelly Diaper: Place a little baby food, different colors, different tastes (vegetables, meat, fruit), in several diapers and fold them up well. Give each baby shower guest a sheet of paper and pen/pencil. Pass each diaper around and have each baby shower guest guess what baby food is in the diaper, without opening it (just by smelling and writing it down). The baby shower guest with most correct answer wins a prize.
119. What Am I: Place a baby item on each piece of paper (bottle, blanket..ect) and then as the baby shower guests arrive, place the paper on their backs without them seeing what item they were given (what baby object was drawn on the paper) . Inform the guests of the rules. You have to try to guess what you are by asking "Yes" or "No" questions about what kind of baby shower or baby item you are. The questions cannot be actual names of items and must be descriptive words like texture, shape, size, color. Example: "can you use it for changing the baby?" "is it blue?" "is it soft?" or "is it round?" When the baby shower guest figures out what the item is, then they can remove the paper off of their back.
120. The Big Baby Game: (Materials: White towel (or pink or blue), big rubber bands or string) - At the beginning of the baby shower have a white towel (can be pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby) and rubber bands. Explain to the baby shower guest that the object of the baby shower game is to not cross your legs during the baby shower because a woman cannot give birth with her legs closed. Tell all your guests to scream out if they see someone with their legs crossed. The person with their legs crossed has to take the towel, place it between their legs and connect the corners and tie with big rubber band or string and repeat on other side to form a big diaper. The person with the diaper is the only one that can yell out from then on, who also has their legs crossed to then have them pass the diaper duty...and so on. This baby shower game is a blast with a lot of laughs.
121. Baby Shower Word Search: Create or download a baby shower word search game by mixing letters between real baby shower words that you can place in a word box and list the words you have hidden at the bottom of the page.
122. Baby Shower Shirt Game: (Materials: Pink and/or blue baby shower napkins and pen) - Give each baby shower guest a napkin, pink or blue, and have them hold it behind their back. Tell every participant to make a baby shirt by tearing the best they can behind their back without looking with a time limit of 4 minutes. Once they take the napkin from behind their back, they cannot do anything else. Have each participant write their name on the back of their creation and place in a row on the floor. Let the mommy to be pick the best one.
123. Water Breaks: (Materials: 1" plastic baby figures, balloons, water) - This is a great baby shower game ideally for outdoor showers, considering it may get a little messy. Take 8-10 dark colored deflated balloons and squeeze an artificial baby inside. In one of the balloons, put two babies in a single balloon (twins). Put that balloon inside a bigger inflated balloon with some water. Guests will have to find creative ways to pop the balloon (considering they will get a little wet) to find out if they have the twin baby balloon. The guest with the winning balloon gets the prize. Great game especially for mothers to be carrying twins or multiples!
124. Baby Egg Hunt: (Materials: Easter Eggs, little plastic baby toys) - This game is perfect for Easter or any time you want to play a baby shower game indoors or out. Purchase a pack of the empty plastic Easter eggs and have a baby shower Easter egg hunt. Use a little pack of plastic baby toys (miniature) and place one baby in 6 of the Easter eggs. In all of the other Easter eggs, place candy or a cute message. The goal of the baby shower game is to find the most babies by the end of the shower and second is to get the most eggs. Hide the eggs around the house, inside or out, depending on where you live and the season. The first place goes to the person who collects the most eggs with babies in them. For a tie breaker, just see who had collected the most eggs.
125. Baby Shower Link Game: Think of baby shower items that relate to a newborn actions like the following:
Diaper Changing = baby powder, rash cream, diapers, wipes
Sleeping = pacifier, noise machine, rocking chair, night light
Feeding = spoon, bottle, jar, pump machine
Playing = rattle, teddy bear, chew toy, ball
Create cutout items of each category and place them in separate containers. Have teams take out one item at a time to see how fast they can guess the right answer. Come up with more obscure items to make it harder as well as other categories. A different variant of the game is to mix all pieces together and see how many can come up with the right newborn activities with the right items in each category as teams.
126. Baby Toy Assembly Race: (Materials: Two toys given as baby shower gifts that need to be assembled with an equal amount of parts, different tools to assemble) - Purchase two baby/toddler toys that need to be assembled (e.g., a riding toy, bicycle, doll house) supply a bunch of different tools or even better if you have them use a butter knife instead of a screwdriver (sure to get a lot of laughs when they look and look for the flat head screwdriver, and realize there isn't one). Place baby shower guests into two different teams and see how fast they can complete the assembly.
127. It's Not My Baby: (Materials: 4 baby dolls, lullaby music and cd player/ipod) - Have all the baby shower guests in a circle and pass out the baby dolls. Start playing the lullaby music (which can be a baby shower gift after the game. Stop the music randomly and whomever is holding the babies is out. As they pass the baby around, each baby shower participant states, "Not my baby". As people are removed, so are the extra dolls until there are 5 people left with only one doll.
128. Don't Drop the Baby: (Materials: Hard Boiled Eggs, spoons, markers, pens, yarn, glue, glitter and tape for a finish line) - If the weather is nice, this game is very fun. Have everyone decorate an egg like a baby. You can draw a face and hair with a marker or you can get out some glue and use glitter and yarn. Baby shower guests will be using these eggs in a spoon race. Each person holds a spoon between their teeth or hand and balance their newly created egg-baby while trying to cross the finish line. No hands allowed!
129. Baby Shower ABC Book Making: (Materials: Color Markers, Crayons, Pens and Paper) - When baby shower guests arrive, they will be given a letter or two of the alphabet, paper and pens. They will be asked to draw a picture of an item that starts with that letter and sign their name on the bottom. They can even add a little description of that item. When finished, the book can be placed in a folder or bound by the mommy-to-be. This will be a keepsake for mommy's shower guests and baby's first book of abc's.
130. Baby Hide-n-Seek: Use a small baby doll and hide it in the house, in the yard or wherever you have the baby shower venue. Give guests a number starting from 1 to however many are playing the game. Have the mommy to be try and find the baby. If it takes the mother to be 10 min. to find the baby, whoever has the number 10 wins the prize. You can also have everyone look for the baby and give out as a baby shower gift for the winner or present the gift to the mommy-to-be.
131. Watch the Newborn: (Materials: small watermelons, duct tape) - A fun baby shower game is to duct tape small watermelons to some baby shower guests who will need to do a relay race (short distance) with their new addition taped to their belly's. If their watermelon slips off, the baby shower guest needs to yell "Oh my.my baby dropped". Also makes for a great and fun game to play at co-ed baby showers.
132. Liar Liar Pacifier: Have the baby shower planner meet with the mothers of the mommy and daddy to be and ask them for some funny stories and specific memories. They can be the funniest moment they remember, their favorite blanket and what they called it, their favorite stuffed animal or funny word they could not pronounce. Mix these real stories up with ones you make up. Have the list ready and ask all of the baby shower participants to write down whether the stories and memories are true or false. Have the mommy to be play as well to see if she knows her own self.
133. Baby Shower Logo Game: (Materials: prior to the party, cut out logos of baby products that don't have names in the logos like Gerber's, paper, pens) - Prior to the baby shower, print out logos of baby products; such as Gerber, Fisher Price, Pampers, etc. which you can get off of the internet - and then cut them out. If you have a logo with a name, cross out the name with black ink. Then place the logos on a piece of paper, numbering each one. See who can get the most right.
134. Baby Diaper Creations: (Materials: Diapers, pens, scissors, glue, tape) - Have all the baby shower guests get one diaper and see what each person can make out of it within 20 minutes. Give baby shower prizes for the most creative and most funny creations.
135. Baby Shower Storybook: (Materials: pens, pencils, scissors, markers, stapler, tape, glue, stickers) - A fun baby shower game and project is to have all the baby shower guests pitch in and create a story book. Each can create a page of the story as they all work together in first writing a simple fun story that can be personalized. Have some great creative group members illustrate the story and have everyone else color in the book. You can also take pictures of everyone at the baby shower and glue it on the last page as a great memory for the parents-to-be.
136. Potty Pong: (Materials: Potty chair, ping pong balls (6)) - This is a spinoff of the Beer Pong game played in college that has now been renamed Potty Pong - without the beer. Place the potty chair with the lid up at the end of a long table. Have each baby shower participant stand at the other end of the table and have each guest try to bounce the ping pong balls in the potty chair. You can play teams or solo and can give the chair as a baby shower gift after the baby shower game is finished.
137. Play Dough Baby Shower Game: (Materials: Play dough, carving items like tooth picks, index cards) - You'll need two identical sets of cards, each card having a baby item written on it (i.e., Baby bottle, pacifier, rocking chair, tube of diaper cream, etc) and two lumps of Play dough. Divide the guests into two teams and have them sit in a circle. Give each team a lump of play dough and randomly distribute the cards to each team member. (Each team should have an identical set of cards). The item on the card isn't to be shared with their team members. Give the go signal and the first person on each team makes the item on their card out of the play dough, while their baby shower team members try to guess what it is. As soon as the item is identified correctly go to the next person and continue on around the circle. The first team to guess all their items correctly wins. It's best if there can be some space between the teams so they don't overhear the other team's guesses.
138. Famous Mom's: (Materials: name tag stickers, markers) - As an ice breaker when baby shower guests first arrive, place each sticker on the back of each guest with a name of a famous mom. Have each participant ask guessing questions to others, to see if they can name who they are. Some ideas can be Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch, Marianne Cunnigham from Happy Days, Peggy Bundy from Married with Children, Shirley Partridge from The Partridge Family, Samantha from Bewitched, Jacqueline Kennedy, Mother Theresa, etc.
139. Retro Games: (Materials: colored chalk, jump rope, ball and jacks) - For all of you who love to reminisce, a great baby shower game time is to bring out the games we played as kids and have some fun. Draw hop scotch, play jump rope, and all the other games you remembered as children. Red Rover and head up 7-up are other great games and easy to play anywhere.
140. Baby Shower Pong: (Materials: ping pong balls, cups, favorite liquids) - There is nothing like the fun collegiate game of beer pong. Set up some cups in a design on a table and use the ping pong balls to get one in the cup. The one who gets one in the cup has someone from the baby shower drink the liquid in the cup. For baby showers, you can temper it down with using iced tea, juice or other fun liquids. If you do use alcohol in the cups, then make a virgin drink for the mommy-to-be or for those who don't drink.
141. Baby Embarrassments: (Materials: paper, pens, texting of story) - Have all the baby shower guests write down their most embarrassing child memory. During the baby shower, read the stories and see if the mommy-to-be can guess which guest goes with which story. A really fun baby shower game that can be played at any time.
142. Baby Edible Creations: (Materials: food, fruit, candy, and toothpicks) - Have a wide variety of food that is edible and toothpicks and have all the baby shower participants be given the directions to make the best baby related item out of the food within 10 minutes. Have the mommy-to-be judge the contest and make sure to take a lot of cute pictures of the creations.
143. Baby Shower Tie Dye: (Materials: 3 buckets, a red, blue and yellow clothing dye 1 in each bucket with water, Gloves, Squirt/pump bottles guests to mix their own colors into (red+blue=purple), Plastic or tarpaulin to cover ground, Rubbish bags to cut holes for head and arms to protect clothing, White cotton clothing to dye) - Give white onesies to all of the baby shower guests that want to participate. Have each of the guests design their own tie dye shirts for the baby-to-be and hang them on a clothesline that can be part of the baby shower decorations. Have the mommy-to-be judge for most creative, most colorful, etc and make a baby shower game out of it.
144. Baby Lego Game: (Materials: Lego's in all colors and sizes) - Have a bunch of Lego's on each of the tables along with a few pre-set cards with certain names of baby items. Start a timer and have one person at each table flip over a card with a baby item (i.e., buggy, rattle, diaper, stroller) and use the Lego's to create that item for everyone to guess within 3 minutes. After the game, the Lego's can be given as a baby shower gift for the little one when he/she gets a little older (as there are too many small pieces for a newborn).

Baby shower games where compiled from extensive web searches from sites such as: Baby Zone, Pregnancy The Bump, Voices Yahoo, Parenting, Ivillage, Unique Baby Gear Ideas, Baby Shower 101, Parents and more